About Us

GardenWithin PMA is the brain Child and over two Decades of ruminating/creating/growing of Doc David Gawain.

And like a bamboo plant which takes years of roots being created growing silently below ground to finally show a shoot, and then the shoots become super fast growing trees, so it is with GardenWithin PMA.

GardenWithin PMA which is a Private Membership Educational Association providing Products, Services and Humor to their membership / organization.

Started in 1996 when classes in Nutritional Microscopy were taken and the Garden Within Us was illuminated by a TV monitor hooked up to a phase contrast Microscopy for Demonstration purposes. Tis Amazing the Garden that we have inside of us, and when you understand your garden within, much easier to make decision on what works for your own garden which is your body / temple / life.

David Finsterle-Gawain, D.N.M., Pioneer, Innovator, Doctor of Natural Medicine – D.N.M. is the Designation received in 2004.

Doc David understands;  “Medicine is the art of entertaining your patients/clients while they heal themselves”. Doc David loves to take that even further by blending Education, Entertainment and the Multi-Dimensional Health FUSION so you enjoy the warm humor and laughter while you heal or share healing in record time.



For More info about Doc David see our blog: https://gardenwithin.pwcstores.com/blog/who-doc-david-gawain